SSH port forwarding in vscode (Visual Studio Code)

VSCode remote debugging

It’s really great feature - you can have your code on remote server, use git repo on remote server, run debug on remote server and so on, having only window of IDE on your local computer.

First steps to configure vscode for remote development on Windows:

Port forwarding

If you run Java, Python, NodeJS, GoLang or whatever on remote Linux server, in many cases it is the server which you’re trying to develop. And if for some reason you server expose some TCP port which is not available from external network (while you have exposed SSH for connection), you need to see this port forwarded to your local computer.

See short description how this can be done within the same SSH connection which you use to connect to console or file system (via SCP or SFTP):

BTW, you can connect to remote PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB or Redis like they all are installed on your local computer. The killer feature…

Ususal errors in vscode

If you’ll setup your connection string as

ssh -A -L 8080:localhost:8080

you’ll get error like The process tried to write to a nonexistent pipe ...

Search over internet doesn’t give you useful answers.


After configuring connection string as

ssh -A -L 8080:localhost:8080

open yous ssh config file (usually C:\Users\%UserName%\.ssh\config for local user’s configuration) and change the string

LocalForward 8080:localhost:8080 


LocalForward localhost:8080 localhost:8080

That’s it!

Thanks black_sheep for an answer